Sunday, 13 July 2008

Hitman (1998)


Jet Li plays the poor Chinese country boy Fu who has come to Hong Kong to make some money, so he can take care of his mother. It turns out he has supreme fighting skills, and an out-of-luck con man (Eric Tsang) takes him under his wing and gets him jobs as a hitman, hoping to cash in.

Despite his cynical trade, Fu never lets go of his principles (never hit a woman, be nice to children, never kill a good guy, etc.) ... He's just such a nice guy!

The storyline is really kind of silly, but if you're in the right mood, it can be *adorably* silly.

Martial arts:
It's more about guns in this film, but at the great showdown Jet Li gets to fight a guy with a weird ring ...

There is, of course, a woman involved - the daughter of Jet Li's boss. Jet Li helps them get on better terms with each other. Nothing really misogynic happens, and the daughter's role as a love interest is relatively marginal - it all stays platonic.

Hunk factor:
Jet Li's character is such a sweet guy that you just want to squeeze him to death!!